Designing a UX experience for an ecommerce website to help small businesses thrive during COVID

Experience Brief:
Worked with Bernal Business Association members of the local small businesses to build an e-commerce platform for business continuity during the COVID lockdown.


2 Months


Conner Hunihan: Project Hero
Jiyoon Shin: UX Designer

My Role:
Design Lead: Project management, User interviews, Affinity mapping, UX information architecture, Feature flows, Concept mapping, Wireframing, High-Fi screens. 

Final design

UX frameworks explored

1. User research and affinity mapping

2. Persona development

2. Concept modeling

3. Feature flows

What is Bernal Heights?

Bernal Heights is a residential neighborhood in San Francisco. The neighborhood is a bastion of artists and locally owned small businesses. 

Product Vision

To create a hyperlocal solution to help harness the relationship between small businesses and the residents in Bernal Heights

Participant interviews

6 Restaurant Owners
6 Bernal Heights resident

User Personas

Concept Model

This model was designed to deep dive into how different users in Bernal Heights would interact with each other.
10,000 feet view of Bernal Heights small business owner and bernal residents.

Feature flow

Mapped the flow to priortize important features 


Final design

This is a live protoype made to show the developers, PM on how the interface would work

Store is currently under development at