Designing an in-vehicle experience for an autonomous car for women for year 2030

* This project was sold to Honda, hence the information is sparse

Experience Brief:
We were selected by Honda Apex team to come up with an in-vehicle experience for a future autonomous car designed for women for the year 2030. 


4 Months


Saurabh Rathi: Transportation designer       Hyein Park: Transportation designer
Yeawon Kim: UI designer                                  
Yidan Sui: UX designer

My Role:
In this project I worked on creating UX Information Architecture, UX for in car AI, Wireframing, Interaction model, basic CMF, life size car experience prototyping and user testing

UX frameworks explored

1. Information architecture

2. AI conversation scripts (Conversation design)

3.  Full scale demonstrations

4. UX mapping and persona development

Design principles

Design principles that we followed througout our experience design


Design for Transition


Enabling balance


Empowering self improvement

UX feature mapping

The flow of screens and features as the user goes through different use cases

User testing

Each participant was invited to sit in a life size buck and were handed an Ipad to control the interface they were interacting with.

Usecases and story boarding

We created multiple usecases and prioritized 3 use cases that our persona might go through in their car

Goal of designing

Luxury is having a support system to empower and enable millenial women to meditate through their lives.

Final Presentation

Intellectual Property was sold to Honda